My sketchbooks ı You can observe a lot by just sketching

When I started out as a trainee animator at Hahn Film in Berlin one day our director Bill Speers asked me to show him my sketchbooks. Not only did I not have one that I could show, but I was not in the habit of sketching every day from life. I felt embarrassed back then. […]

The Little Dragon Coconut Der Kleine Drache Kokosnuss

Storyboard pitch for the opening of the CGI motion picture “Coconut the little Dragon” , concept/ story/storyboards, Photoshop and Cintiq

Happy Holidays 2014Frohe Weihnachten!!!

The Little Dragon Coconut (2014)Der Kleine Drache Kokosnuss (2014)

It’s quite rare that I manage to attend a film premiere of a film I have worked on. But last weekend I had the chance to watch the world premiere of the animated motion picture “The Little Dragon Coconut” (Caligari Film und Fernsehproduktions GmbH) with my kids. It was a fun event. The film turned […]

Is Bobo Dead?Ist Bobo Tod?Is Bobo Dead?

This is a short Sequence from the CGI animated motion picture “The 7th Dwarf” directed by Harald Siepermann (RIP) and produced by Zipfelmützenfilm . The dwarf Bobo, main character of the film voiced by german comedian Otto Waalkes, has just faced the evil Dellamorta to save his friends. In the last second he was hit […]

The 7th Dwarf (2014)Der 7bte Zwerg (2014)

This is an early version of my story board pitch for the opening of the motion picture “the 7th dwarf”, directed by Harald Siepermann We started storyboarding with a detailed story outline and fleshed out the storypoints from there. Working as fast as possible to get an idea of how the outline would play out […]

A Visit To My SketchbookEin Blick in mein SkizzenbuchA Visit To My Sketchbook

I like to sit down and sketch things around me. I usually carry my sketchbook around to wherever I go. It is always fun to sketch and I always notice details that I otherwise would not. These are a few recent ones I did while staying in a hotel on a lenghty business trip to […]

Maya the Bee (2014)Die Biene Maja (2014) Die Biene Maja (2014) ı Maya the Bee (2014)

I would have loved to do some storyboards for this feature film adaption of Maya the Bee directed by Alexander Stadermann and ended up doing a tiny bit of concept work early on in the production. This australian trailer just came online. The finished film  looks like fun. Congratulations to all my friends in Australia […]

The little Medic (2014)Der Kleine Medicus (2014) Der Kleine Medicus (2014) ı The little Medic (2014)

Sorry, my upcoming sketchbook post has to wait one post longer. Here come two trailers for an animated film I had the pleasure to work on. “Der kleine Medicus” based on a popular book by Dietrich Groenemeyer and directed by Peter Claridge. The trailer is in german language only, although the film was written and […]

sketchbook teaser

In one of my next posts I will share some pages from this little sketchbook. Too busy right now working towards some tight deadlines, storyboarding and sketching away. see you then, I hope.